Ludovic Boney


Born in Wendake, Canada. Lives and works in Lévis, Canada.

Ludovic Boney was born in Wendake and lives and works in Lévis. He works on large-scale public art projects and shows his work regularly in galleries and artist centres throughout Quebec. His public art integration projects include works in Quebec City for the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, the Musée de la civilisation, and City Hall.

Solo Exhibition


Mémoires ennoyées, 2021, photographs.

The synthetic images in the series Mémoires ennoyées were created on the North Shore, at the Manicouagan meteorite crater, the largest visible on the planet. Site of the ancient Lake Manicouagan and Lake Mouchalagane on the territory of the Pessamiulnuat people, the crater has been flooded since the Daniel-Johnson Dam was built in 1969. Abstract in appearance, the images were made using a bathymetric echo sounder to measure the depths of the reservoir. An underground forest is still there, its ghost pines rocking softly in the swell.

Presented in collaboration with the Huron-Wendat Museum.

Public Art

Centre Alyne-LeBel

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Ludovic Boney
Canada, Lévis