Manif d’art is a not-for-profit organization and a recognized charitable organization. Its mission is to promote contemporary art by local, national, and international artists, a mission it fulfills by providing unconventional platforms for creation and exhibition.

Exhibitions in libraries

Since January 2019, Manif d’art and the Bibliothèque de Québec have organized visual arts and applied arts exhibits in several Quebec City libraries.

The winter garden

Wander through this artistic circuit specially conceived and designed to delight children and the young at heart.

Entre fleuve et rivière

One shared inspiraton, two views, two territories: Entre fleuve et rivière by Charle-Frédérick Ouellet and Christophe Goussard.

Exhibitions in Birmingham - England

For a number of years, as part of its mission to promote Canadian artists abroad, one of Manif d’art’s activities has been the circulation of artworks to other countries.


Immerse yourself in past exhibitions.