Manif d'art 3 - The Quebec city biennale

May 1st to June 12th 2005

Curator and theme

Patrice Loubier

André-Louis Paré

The common meaning of cynicism connotes contempt and grievance. Reaching back to the origin of the word, however, we find a more positive meaning, one that refers to a free and rebellious school of wisdom. Cynicism and art should therefore not be seen as strange bedfellows. Indeed, the combination provides artistic opportunities to explore the pleasure of existence, freedom, simplicity, boldness, and marginality, through the representation of our world and its somewhat dark realities.


  • More than 50 artists from Quebec, Canada, the rest of the Americas, and Europe

Artists of the official selection


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Giogia Volpe

Détails intérieur de l'oeuvre Le Panier. Installation

Patrick Bérubé

Demi-mesure, 2005. Prix du jury Manif d'art 3

We are not Speedy Gonzalez

Collectif Montréalais formé des artistes Éric Bertrand, Constanza Camelo, Tania de la Cruz et James Partaik. Performance et installation

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