Cannupa Hanska Luger


Born in the Standing Rock Community of North Dakota, U.S.A. Lives and works in Santa Fe, U.S.A.

Cannupa Hanska Luger, born in 1979 in the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, is a multidisciplinary Sioux artist and a member of the Lakota Nation and of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation. He has been featured in numerous international exhibitions and received multiple awards, including the Smithsonian Institute Fellow and the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant.

Public Art

Parc de l’Artillerie

Before the Eye (antoillier), 2022, sculpture.

Cannupa Hanska Luger’s projects expose the mirages of colonialism and capitalism, those Western ideologies that have undermined our relationship with the Earth. In Artillery Park, his monumental piece suggests the antlers shed by a colossal caribou. This species, vulnerable as a result of human activity, has become emblematic of Indigenous claims for land and identity. The artist’s practice conjugates knowledge of his craft with performative elements and group participation to convey the knowledge and heritage of the First Nations.

Manif d’art and the artist would like to thank Ludovic Boney, Parks Canada and Huron-Wendat Museum.



>^^iiwii^^< , installation. (Be)Longing, vidéo.

At the Huron-Wendat Museum, an immaculate paper figure is seated “Indian style” as it levitates in meditation, surrounded by artefacts suggesting Indigenous origins. Ironically, however, these objects are in reality nothing more than phallic-shaped consumer goods such as sex toys and weapon projectiles. Here, >^^iiwii^^< emphasizes the insidious dynamics of oppression underlying the superficial appropriation of Indigenous cultures as a trend in New Age spirituality. © >^^iiwii^^<, 2016, Installation sculpturale / >^^iiwii^^<, 2016, Sculptural installation
© (BE)Longing, 2019, Projection vidéo / (BE)Longing, 2019, Video projection

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Cannupa Hanska Luger
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