Sevia Pelissier

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Canada, Québec.

Sevia Pellissier is a writer, exhibition curator, and cultural worker. She is interested in conceptual, performative, and digital artistic practices and has a passion for marginal spaces of dissemination. In 2015, she founded the cultural magazine À l’est de vos empires and became general director of the organization in 2020. A keen and active participant in the cultural scene, she regularly collaborates with the magazine Vie des arts, the Foire en art actuel de Québec event, and the network of artist-run centres in Quebec City. She was project curator of Monstrum in Fronte (2017), EXOMARS (2019) and Menus et vilains (2021), and has helped produced numerous exhibitions as part of her work at artist-run centres.

Photo : Michelle Drapeau

February 18 to April 24, 2022



Salle d’attentes

Salle d’attentes is a three-part exhibition inviting artists to show works in stage-set spaces with the objective of exploring waiting, expectations, and the interplay between the two. Proceeding from the principle that magic emerges from diverted expectations, the exhibition offers works that undermine outcomes viewers anticipate, and that address various forms of expectation, whether temporal or experiential. 

First, Karine Payette fills the space with an earlier work entitled Sur un coin de table, which pits our human impulses against the code of propriety expected in an art gallery.

Second, Vincent Hinse once again asks the public to solve a visual puzzle in an installation that combines video and sculpture.

Third, Stéfanie Tremblay completes the cycle of expectations with Lettre à la commissaire, a project created over a lengthy period during the 2020 lockdowns.

All three artists explore in their own ways their relationships to temporality and to the uncertainties of art and the reflexes it triggers.

The exhibition is presented with a pamphlet from the curator to help interpret and continue your experience in the gallery space. This publication collects poetic and theoretical texts on each of the works and on the curator’s expectations.

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Sevia Pellissier
Canada, Québec
Karine Payette
Canada, Montréal

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Vincent Hinse
Canada, Québec et Chicoutimi
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